If you have an issue regarding your sewer and are stuck on exactly where you should start digging or even what the issue itself may be, then the best place to start may be a sewer pipe video inspection, which often costs a relatively small amount of money.

Over the years, you used always to have to guess where a good dig point would be. Nowadays, however, thanks in large part to sewer video cameras and other types of locating equipment, all you need to do is contact the sewer video inspector to come in and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Here are some of the basics regarding ordering a sewer pipe video inspection.

What Exactly is This Type of Inspection?

Defined, a sewer pipe video inspection involves you contacting either a plumbing specialist or plumbing company to come to your home and run a special video line through your waste pipes. This line may run through your branch lines or sewer lines, but in the long run, you will be able to see everything in clear detail thanks to the camera located at the end of the line.

Is This Required for a Lot of Plumbing Remodel Projects?

No; however, you may end up needing this kind of inspection if you’re planning on adding a bathroom to your home, or even if you’re looking to remodel either your existing bathroom or kitchen. Since there is a large amount of waste water involved with this kind of process, it’s a good idea to have your sewer line inspected beforehand to ensure that it will be able to handle all of the increased pressure that it will be taking on. Many homeowners will order a sewer pipe video inspection if there is a problem. This can include a blockage that can’t be fixed with solutions such as drain cleaners or plungers.

Are You Able to Perform a Video Inspection on Your Own?

Yes; however, even though this is the case, data from www.thedraincamerashop.com shows that it is much more cost effective to hire a plumbing professional to perform this task. This is because the video scopes typically used by homeowners are often far too short in length, as these will only be able to inspect the first few feet of a waste line. Additionally, these scopes are also often not able to auto-focus or self-right. Alternatively, units that are owned by professional plumbing companies can cost approximately $15,000, meaning that they have more advanced capabilities regarding recording, lighting, and imaging. Perhaps most importantly is the fact that their cameras contain transmitters on the end of them, which can help plumbing professionals locate block points that are causing issues. If you wish to do so, you can rent a drain inspection camera; however, for the amount of money that you pay to do this, you can pay a professional to get even more work done. However, if you require a camera for a whole week, then reduced weekly rental fees will make this a lot more cost effective.

How Much Will This Type of Inspection Cost?

The cost of a sewer pipe video inspection can range from $99 to $300. A cheaper video line will likely produce images that are lower in quality thanks in large part to the equipment itself being older in age. Furthermore, the offers may also be tied to you having to purchase services that are more expensive. A rental yard will be willing to rent you a video pipe camera that measures approximately 200 feet in length, which you can use for the entire day. Even though this is cheaper than what more expensive companies will likely charge you, the overall learning curve will end up eating into your actual rental time.

How Far Does the Scope Travel?

The scope can go within a home’s branch lines and even to where a home’s sewer ties to the municipal sewer lines. The maximum length of this is approximately 330 feet.

What Exactly Will You See in the Video?

If you are performing a full inspection, you will end up seeing what is known as a “walkthrough” says The Drain Camera Shop. They furthermore said that this means that you will see everything leading from the trap straight down through the sewer line, as well as any and all obstructions that may be in the way. If the camera can get through the blockage, it may get all the way to the municipal sewer line.

How Will the Camera Help You Determine Where to Dig?

You will be able to find the right spot to dig due to the camera’s transmitter. Once the blockage point has been reached, the plumbing professional will stop the camera. They will then go back up to ground level and wave a particular locating device until the transmission signal is picked up. The professional will then spray paint the exact point where the blockage is located, which is where you will dig the sewer trench.